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As most sales activities, payments can be entered under Sales → Sales Transactions in the web app, or from the Customer Center screen in the mobile app.

Receiving a Payment

In the web app

To enter a new payment in the web app, go to Sales → Sales Transactions, click Hfo-plus-button.png and select Receive Payment.

Entering a new payment in the web app

After selecting the customer, you will see a list of invoices that contribute to this customer's open balance, as well as unused credit available to this customer. The Applied Amount field in each row controls how much of the overall payment amount is being applied to each invoice. For credits, the Amount to Use field indicates how much of the credit will be used in the payment.

First, enter the total amount received into the Amount Received field.

If you want to use customer's available credit, click on the Available Credits box to show the details, then enter the Amount to Use.

At this point you can click Auto Apply so HandiFox automatically distributes this amount (funds received + credits used) over the open invoices, starting from the top of the list.

If you want to distribute this amount manually, use the Applied Amount field and enter how much to apply to any given invoice.

If the amount applied to invoices is less than amount received, the over-payment will turn into an available credit for this customer. Note that this will happen even if the customer has other open invoices that could have been covered by this extra amount!

If needed, you can intentionally create a credit for later use by receiving a certain amount from the customer and not applying it to any invoice.

You can choose the Payment Method and, optionally, enter a memo or a custom transaction number, at any point during payment creation.

When you are finished, click Save or Save and Print.

In the mobile app

Entering a payment in the mobile app

To receive a new payment from a customer, find the customer in the Customer Center, highlight them and tap Payment.

The Payment screen will list all existing invoices with open balances for the current customer. Any available credits will also be reflected on this screen and can be applied to invoices to partially or fully cover their due amounts (see Credit Memos).

Start by entering the total amount of this payment in the Amount field on top. Then, use the checkboxes in the rightmost column to mark the invoices to which this payment will be applied. You can also type in the amounts in the “Pmt” column of the invoice list to specify the exact amount that will be applied to each invoice.

If you tap Auto-Apply, the app will try to automatically distribute the payment amount over the existing invoices, starting from the top of the list.

When the payment amount has been distributed, select the payment method and, if necessary, enter an optional reference number for the payment transaction. You can also add a memo which will be stored with the transaction.

Finally, when you are finished, tap Save. At this point, a payment document preview will be shown. Tap on one of the buttons at the bottom of this screen to Print the document, Email it, Fax it, or Save it as a picture on your device. If you wish to do neither, press the Back button on the device to leave.

Payment Numbers

If you'd like to change how reference numbers look for payment transactions see Transaction Numbering.