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HandiFox Online consists of two parts:

  1. The app.handifox.online web app, which is used for control, tracking and inventory management, with tools for creating, editing and processing inventory and sales transactions.
  2. The mobile app, which contains the main functionality of HandiFox.
    1. The Android App can be installed from Google Play or via the download link available on app.handifox.online.
    2. The iOS App can be installed from the App Store

Web application

HandiFox Online Web Application Dashboard

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Mobile application

The HandiFox Online App is designed to aid your employees in warehouse operations:

Item List Screen in the Android App
Item List Screen in the iOS App
Customer Center Screen in the Android App
Customers Screen in the iOS App

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Synchronizing Mobile Applications

Tabletandroid).png Android App

Automatic Synchronization Schedule (Android)

The Android application works offline. Synchronization is initialized either manually whenever needed, or automatically by the chosen time period. By default, your mobile app automatically sends and receives new data every 15 minutes. You can change this time period in the settings of the app by going to Admin → Settings → Auto Sync Schedule → selecting an option that suits your needs best. You can turn off auto-sync and, instead, do this manually each time.
To manually sync your device, you can either:

  • Go to Admin → Synchronize → tap the HFO mobile sync button.jpg button
  • Tap the HFO Vertical elipsis icon.png button at the top-right corner of the screen and tap Sync

Info-sign.png If you have connected HandiFox Online to QuickBooks Online, the exchange of data between both platforms starts when a mobile device initiates synchronization. To make the synchronization of the device faster, you can uncheck "Force data loading from QuickBooks" on the Synchronization screen in the mobile app.

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Tabletapple.png iOS App

The iOS application works online. If your device is not connected to the Internet, the data will automatically load once the Internet connection appears again.
During the initial synchronization, your iOS application will download all of the available data for up to one year. If you have chosen a smaller period of time during initial synchronization and you want to download older data, go to the More tab → Sync Period → select 1/3/6/12 months → tap Sync.

Info-sign.png If your iOS application doesn't show the current data, simply swipe down to update it.
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