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Your customer list, as well as sales-related operations, are available from the Customer Center screen, which can be accessed by tapping Sales on the main screen of the mobile app.

Warning-sign.png The “Pro” subscription plan and the “Sales” permission for the app user are required in order to access this screen.
Customer Center Screen of the Mobile App

Here you can see your customers and their open balances, review their detailed information, edit it and create new customers.

To find a customer, enter the beginning of their name in the Look for Customer field. Shortly after you stop typing, the list will be populated with all matching customer records. You can also use the barcode scanner to scan the customer name into this field for quicker selection (requires a barcode containing the customer name).

The second option for searching customers is to use filtering. Tap on the Filter checkbox to set the filtering criteria. Enter the search text and choose a field to filter by (e.g. City), then Apply the filter to see all matches (if there are any). You can clear the filter by tapping the checkbox again and disabling it.

By default, all active customers are listed. You can use the View dropdown to show only customers with open balances or open (unfulfilled) sales orders. It is also possible to include inactive customers on the list by selecting “All”.

Listed customers can also be sorted alphabetically or by total balance.

To review or edit customer details, such as contact name or phone number, highlight a customer and tap Edit. Use the tabs on the top to go to different sections of the customer info. When you are done, tap Save to apply your changes, or Close to leave without saving.

Creating a new customer is done in the same manner as editing, except that you will need to enter all the details yourself. To create a new customer, tap New, then fill in their information and tap Save.