Credit Memos

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Credit Memos screen of the mobile app

Credit memos are used to document product returns from customers. When a credit memo transaction is created, the items listed on it are added back to your inventory, and their price is added to customer’s available credit.

Entering a Credit Memo

Credit Memo creation on the mobile app

To enter a Credit Memo in the mobile app, first find and highlight a customer in the Customer Center. Do a long tap on the customer, then tap Credit Memos. You will see a list of existing credit memos for this customer. Tap New to start entering a new credit memo.

Here you can add items to the credit memo the same way as on any other transaction – either by scanning them or selecting from the item list.

When you are finished adding items, tap Save, at which point you will be offered to print a credit memo document. You can also print it by highlighting the credit memo on the list, tapping and selecting Print from the menu.

On the Credit Memos screen you can also modify existing unapplied credit memos. To do that, highlight an existing credit memo on the list and tap Edit.

Applying Credits to an Invoice

Credits available to customers as a result of credit memos can then be applied to invoices to partially or fully cover their due amounts.

This operation is done on the Payment screen. First, find and highlight a customer in the Customer Center. Tap Payment, which will bring up the list of invoices with open balances. Make a long tap on one of the invoices and select Apply Credits from the menu.

Applying credits to an invoice in the web app

You will see a list of existing credit memos for the customer and the credit amount associated with each of them. In the “Amt. to Use” column you can specify the amount to apply to the invoice. When you are finished, tap OK. Enter other payment details if necessary (see Payments), and, finally, tap Save to save the payment.

Printing out a Credit Memo

In the mobile app, existing credit memos can be printed from the Credit Memos screen (see above). Highlight a credit memo on the list, then tap and select Print from the menu. This will generate a print preview, which can be sent to your printer, emailed, faxed or saved as a picture.