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In the mobile app, sales receipts can be accessed from the Customer Center screen.

Creating a Sales Receipt

Sales Receipt creation screen in the mobile app

To start entering a new sales receipt in the mobile app, go to Sales and select a customer, tap Sales Receipts, then tap New.

First, the Items tab of the Create Sales Receipt screen is shown, which lets you add products on the sales receipt. On the Other tab you can add a memo which will be stored with the sales receipt.

There are a few ways to add products on the sales receipt:

  • Tap Find to select products from your item list, possibly using search and filtering. When you’ve marked all required items, tap Add and enter correct item quantities from the keyboard.
  • Enter the exact item name in the text field and tap the Add button next to it, then enter the correct ordered quantity from the keyboard.
  • Scan product barcodes, possibly multiple times to set the correct quantities. See Barcoding.

You can tap Hfo-calc.png to add a discount or select the sales tax if you charge it.

When you are finished, tap Save to create the sales receipt.

Reviewing and Editing Sales Receipts

The Sales Receipts screen of the mobile app

To bring up a list of existing sales receipts for a given customer, highlight the customer in the Customer Center and tap Sales Receipts.

Here you can highlight a sales receipt and tap Edit in order to see its details, edit them and change what items are on the receipt. See Creating a Sales Receipt for details on how to add items to the transaction.

To remove an item from the sales receipt, touch and hold on its name in the list until a menu shows up, then tap Delete.

When you are finished, tap Save to apply your changes, or press the Back button on the device to leave without saving.

Printing a Sales Receipt

In the mobile app, existing sales receipt can be printed out from the Sales Receipts screen (see above).

Highlight a sales receipt on the list, then tap Mobile-menu.png and select Print from the menu. This will generate a print preview, which can be sent to your printer, emailed, faxed or saved as a picture.