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Creating and Receiving a Purchase Order

Purchase Order Creation Screen

In the mobile app, purchase orders can be created, edited and received in Inventory → P.O. Center.

To create a new purchase order, tap New, select a vendor, scan or choose desired items from the list and enter the quantities you wish to order. When you are finished, tap Save.

To edit an existing purchase order, highlight one on the list and tap Edit.

To print an existing purchase order, highlight the order you wish to print, tap the Menu button (Mobile-menu.png), then tap Print. This will generate a document which can be sent to your printer, emailed, faxed or saved as a picture.

To receive items, highlight a purchase order on the list and tap Receive. Here you can either scan items being received, or enter received quantities by hand. For any given line, the P.O. field displays the quantity that was originally ordered, while the BO field displays the quantity still remaining to be received.

Reorder Points and Desired QOH Levels

Desired QOH & Reorder Points Page

HandiFox lets you define reorder points and desired QOH levels for every item on every site. Based on this information, HandiFox web app can generate purchase orders to replenish your stock when needed (see Generating Purchase Order).

Reorder Point is the minimum quantity that you would like to have in stock at all times. Items that are below their reorder points will be included on the next purchase order you generate with HandiFox (based on reorder points and desired levels).
Desired QOH is the quantity you want HandiFox to target when generating a replenishment purchase order.

To assign these values for your items, go to Inventory → QOH Viewer and click Desired QOH and Reorder Points. Select the Site for which you will be defining these parameters, then enter them in their respective columns. When you are finished, click Save.

Generating a Purchase Order

Purchase Order Generation Settings

HandiFox can automatically compile purchase orders to replenish your stock. To use this feature, go to Purchases → Generate Purchase Order and select the Site where you want to replenish inventory.

There are multiple ways a PO can be generated:

Based on sales information for a chosen period. Items will be added on the purchase order based on the current quantities on hand, sales made since the selected date, existing open sales orders and purchase orders. The goal of this algorithm is to make up for items sold during the chosen period and also ensure you have enough inventory to fulfill your current sales orders.
Here you can also Include Future Needs on the order, based on the assumption that your average daily sales will be the same as during the chosen period.
Based on average weekly sales. Average quantities sold weekly will be calculated for every item based on the data for the last N weeks, and added to the order, so that the replenishment is enough to last the set number of weeks.
According to set Reorder Points and Desired QOH. See above how to set these. Every item that is currently below its Reorder Point will be added to the order, with a quantity that will bring it up to its Desired QOH.
Info-sign.png For items whose Desired QOH and Reorder Points have not been set, they are considered equal to 0 by default. This means any such items whose quantities on hand have gone negative will be brought back up to 0 with the generated order.

When you have chosen the method, click Retrieve to populate the list with items to be replenished. Use checkboxes in the rightmost column to mark the items you want to include on the purchase order, select the Vendor for items, then click Generate P.O.