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If you are one of the companies that not only distribute but also produce goods, with the manufacturing module, you can:

  • Track final goods and raw materials
  • Manage manufacturing processes across multiple locations
  • Inform your manufacturing decisions based on item availability and the influx of customer orders
  • Sync back to QuickBooks Online

Creating Manufacturing Presets

To start working with the manufacturing functionality, you can create a Manufacturing Preset. Presets are production recipes used to automate and save time while manufacturing final goods. Each preset includes component items required to manufacture an output product.

  • To create a manufacturing preset, go to the Manufacturing tab in the left-sidebar, click on Presets, then click on the Hfo-plus-button.png button at the top-right corner of the screen

Mnf Create preset button.png

  • Fill in the details of the preset. First, type in the Preset Name (usually, it is the name of the output product). Then, you can either choose the items from the drop-down menu or type in their name or SKU. Scroll down for the breakdown of the fields.

Mnf Create preset window steps.png

  1. You must choose one Inventory Item as your Main Output Product.
  2. Optionally, you can add up to 10 Inventory Items as Other Output Products. Think of any byproducts of your manufacturing process that you may want to track.
  3. You can add all types of Items as Ingredients.

If you want to add some comments concerning the manufacturing process, you may use the Notes field. You can also add a description for the preset.

  • When you are ready, click the Save button at the top-right corner of the screen to save the preset.

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Managing Manufacturing Presets

Back in the list of Manufacturing Presets, you can sort your presets by Name or Main Output Product by clicking on the corresponding column’s name. You can also filter the presets by typing the Preset Name, Output Products or Ingredients in the Search field. Near every Manufacturing Preset, you can find a shortcut button to create a Manufacturing Order.

  • Sometimes you may want to create a Manufacturing Preset that is very similar to an existing one. You can do so without the need to fill in the details over and over again: just clone the existing preset.
  • You may also want to delete or edit a preset that is no longer relevant.

To find these actions, click on an arrow on the right of the Manufacturing Preset:

Mnf Edit clone preset.png

Info-sign.png NOTE: You can’t delete or edit a Manufacturing Preset if there are incomplete Manufacturing Orders associated with it.

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Creating Manufacturing Orders

Manufacturing orders are work orders required to get started with the production of goods. To create a Manufacturing Order tap the Hfo-plus-button.png button on the top right corner of the screen, and you will be prompted to choose a preset or to continue without it. If you want to use a Manufacturing Preset, you can search for it by typing its Name or Main Output Product.

Mnf Create order popup.png

  • Fill in the details of the Order. Scroll down for a breakdown of several important features.

Mnf Create order window steps.png

  1. By default, the Item Site is set to Main. You can select another active site - the available Quantity on Hand will be recalculated accordingly.
  2. By default, it is not possible to edit the output and ingredient items when the Manufacturing Order is linked with a Manufacturing Preset. However, you can unlink the preset to be able to edit the order.
  3. The start/end dates are set to today by default. It is possible to change them.
  4. Choose the desired Quantity to Produce. The Allocated Quantity of the Ingredients, the Expected Quantity of Other Output Products and the Total Cost will be recalculated according to the Preset.

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Changing the Default Ref.No of Manufacturing Orders

  • You can always edit the Ref.No of the Manufacturing Order manually, but if you want to change the default prefix/suffix for the transaction number, go to the Settings by clicking on the small gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen, then switch to the Inventory tab and type in the desired prefix/suffix:

Mnf Edit prefix setting.png

Viewing Available Quantities

  • While working on a manufacturing order you can consult available quantities to get the confidence that you have enough to manufacture a good or you can choose to reorder some ingredients and finish this order later.

Mnf Available quantity.png

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Statuses of Manufacturing Orders

  • You can click Save to continue with the manufacturing process later. This way, the Manufacturing Order will have the status “Not Started”. The Reserved for Manufacturing quantity for all ingredients is increased by Allocated quantity, while the Expected from Manufacturing quantity for Main and Other Output products will be increased by Quantity to Produce.

  • Alternatively, you can head over to production right from the manufacturing order you’ve just created by clicking Start Manufacturing. The manufacturing Order Status then will change to “In Progress”, until you complete it. The Used Quantity field will be automatically populated with the Allocated Quantity, and the Ingredient Items will be Reserved for Manufacturing accordingly. The Expected from Manufacturing quantity for Main and Other Output products will be increased by Quantity to Produce.

  • Sometimes you may want to edit an order prior to completing it. It may come in handy if, for example, the actual Used Quantity for manufacturing was different from the Preset values. While the Manufacturing Order is “In Progress”, you can edit the actual Used Quantity of the ingredients, as well as edit the Produced Quantity for both Main and Other Output products. If you are using a preset and you change the Produced Quantity of the Main Output product, the Allocated and Used Quantity of Ingredients will be recalculated accordingly.

  • When the manufacturing process is finished, click on Complete Manufacturing and the status of the Manufacturing Order will change to “Completed”. You can do so either on the View Manufacturing Order page or right from the list of Manufacturing Orders. The QOH for Ingredient Items will be reduced by the Used Quantity, while the QOH of Main and Other Output products will be increased by the Produced Quantity. The Expecting from Manufacturing and Reserved for Manufacturing Quantities will be decreased.
Info-sign.png NOTE: You won’t be able to edit the Manufacturing Order once it is completed.

  • Inventory deductions after the production is completed will appear as inventory adjustments in QuickBooks Online.

Manufacturing Order Status

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Saving New Presets from Manufacturing Orders

If you created the Manufacturing Order without a Manufacturing Preset, you can save it as a new Preset. You can do it either right away or later when viewing the Manufacturing Order.

Save preset from the Create Order screen
Save preset from the View Order screen

It is also possible to delete a Manufacturing Order on the View Manufacturing Order page. However, please note that it is not recommended, since it may affect the quantity of items.

Info-sign.png NOTE: If Main Output Product, Other Output Products or Ingredients are tracked by SLED, Serial or Lot Numbers – you will have to specify them before the Manufacturing Order is completed.

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