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HandiFox Online offers a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, a leading cloud-based accounting system. HandiFox augments the basic capabilities of QuickBooks and grants you access to new transaction types and new ways to operate on your existing company data. If you have discovered that QuickBooks alone is insufficient for your more complex inventory management tasks, HandiFox might just be the missing piece in this puzzle.

HandiFox Online keeps a copy of your product, vendor and customer lists, and keeps track of inventory transfers, purchases and sales. HandiFox talks to QuickBooks and ensures that data on both ends, such as inventory levels, is accurate and up to date. At the same time, accounting is still left completely to QuickBooks Online, which can now rely in part on data coming in from HandiFox.

Connecting to QuickBooks Company

You can connect HandiFox to your QuickBooks Online company in a few easy steps.

Option 1. Go to app.handifox.online and sign in. Next, go to Integrations → All Add-ons and click the Connect button next to QuickBooks logo. On the next page, click Connect to QuickBooks. The system will require you to log in to your QuickBooks account, if you are not logged in yet. Then select the company file and authorize the access to it.

QuickBooks integration option under Integrations → All Add-ons

Option 2. On apps.intuit.com, look for HandiFox Online using the “Search apps…” field or just follow the link. Then click the “Get App Now” button.

Upon connecting with your QuickBooks company, HandiFox will read and download all data relevant to its functions, which may take a while, depending on your company’s size and age.

Connecting a QuickBooks Online company - step 2

Synchronization with QuickBooks Online

Synchronization between HandiFox Online and QuickBooks Online is bidirectional – HandiFox pulls inventory, purchase and sales information from QuickBooks and posts newly created or updated sales and purchase transactions to QuickBooks.

The section of HandiFox Online settings controlling the QuickBooks company connection

Here is a few details on how frequently this happens. Normal synchronization between HandiFox and QuickBooks Online takes place hourly. The frequency can be changed in the Settings section on handifox.online. Some information (Products, Customers, sales transactions) is downloaded from QuickBooks right away after it is created or updated (in most cases the delay is within 5 minutes). The user can force a synchronization in the web app by clicking Hfo-refresh.PNG. Synchronization automatically starts when a mobile device is being synchronized.

Disconnecting QuickBooks Company

To disconnect HandiFox from your QuickBooks Online company, sign in on app.handifox.online, go to Settings and click “Disconnect from QuickBooks”. This step is also required to start using HandiFox with a different QuickBooks company. Once disconnected, you will no longer be able to access or work with your QuickBooks company data inside HandiFox. The user is able to connect to the same QuickBooks company again.