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This article concerns HandiFox Online functionality related to vendors.

The Vendors Page in the Web App

The Vendors page of the web app

Managing Vendors

You can manage your vendors in the web app, under Purchases → Vendors.

Info-sign.png This page requires permission: "Web Permissions → Purchases → Vendors" in order to access.

This page lists all existing active vendors and allows the following operations:

  • search by vendor name, phone, etc;
  • create new vendors;
  • edit existing vendors;
  • make vendors inactive and re-activate them;
  • create new purchase orders and item receipts for the selected vendor;
  • run a transaction report for a specific vendor;
  • export the list of vendors to Excel or CSV.

To create a new vendor, click Hfo-plus-button.png, enter vendor's information (name, address, phone, etc.) and click Save.

To edit a vendor, click Edit in the corresponding row of the list. If the vendor you wish to edit is inactive, you will have to re-activate them first.

To make a vendor inactive, click Hfo-dropdown.png in the Action column, choose "Make inactive", then click OK to confirm.

You can run a transactions report for a specific vendor to see all purchases from them. To go to this report, click Hfo-dropdown.png in the Action column and select "Transactions".

To export your vendors to a spreadsheet, click Export, choose a format (XLS or CSV) and click Export again. You will receive the resulting document as a file download, which will be handled depending on your browser's behavior. Typically you can choose whether to open the file or save it. Only the active vendors will be exported.

To make inactive vendors show on the list, click Hfo-gear-button.png and turn on the Include Inactive checkbox that appears.

Importing and Exporting Vendors

To export your current list of vendors, click Export on the top of the page. You can export either to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV (comma-separated values) file for improved compatibility.

To import new vendors into the system, click Import and choose a file to import from (it can be an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file). Click Next. On the next screen you can set what fields will be populated from what columns in the spreadsheet. HandiFox will try to determine this automatically based on column names, but you should review the list yourself and make sure everything is correct. Click Next and wait for HandiFox to process the file. On the next screen you will see the full list of all records to be imported. If any of them has errors, hover your mouse over the "Error" label to see what the problem is. Finally, click Import to add all eligible vendor records into HandiFox.