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HandiFox allows tracking of inventory levels across multiple inventory sites. Each site represents a physical location where quantities on hand need to be tracked independently.

When you start working with HandiFox, there is only one site, Main, which by default contains the entirety of your stock (as loaded from QuickBooks). All transactions created in QuickBooks are considered to belong to this site and modify its inventory levels.

You can create additional inventory sites in HandiFox and add inventory to them by transfers or QoH adjustments. If you use departments/locations inside QuickBooks, you can associate a HandiFox site with a department/location. In this case, transactions from QuickBooks that belong to a certain department will be automatically assigned to the corresponding HandiFox site. Note that every HandiFox site can be associated with only one department, and this association cannot be changed.

When HandiFox mobile app is installed on a new device and synchronized, the device is assigned to a specific site. Each device can only see or work with inventory present at its assigned site.

Site assignment can be changed in the web app (requires permission: Web Permissions → General → Device Manager) or in the mobile app itself (requires permission: Handheld Permissions → Admin → Switch Sites).

Managing Inventory Sites

Site Manager Page of the Web App

Inventory sites can be created, modified and deleted in the web app, under General → Site Manager.

To create a site, click Hfo-plus.PNG, enter site name and select an associated department (if your QuickBooks has any).

To edit a site, click Hfo-pencil.PNG in the desired site’s row.

Finally, if you need to remove a site from the system, click Hfo-cross.PNG.

Reviewing Quantities on Hand

QOH Viewer Screen of the Web App

Inventory levels can be reviewed across all sites in the web app, as well as on mobile devices.

In the Web App

Go to Inventory & Purchases → QOH Viewer to see a list of your inventory parts with quantities on hand at each site, as well as total quantities.

Here you can also specify desired quantities and reorder points per each site by clicking Desired QOH and Reorder Points.

In the Mobile App

Go to Inventory → Item List to review inventory levels. The Item List shows item counts (where applicable) at the current site. You can highlight an item and tap View QOH to check its quantity at other sites.

Adjusting Quantities

In the Web App

In the web app, quantities on hand can be adjusted in Inventory & Purchases → QOH Viewer. Highlight an inventory part, click Adjust Quantity and enter desired counts in the New Qty column for every site. Click Save.

In the Mobile App

On the mobile device, quantities on hand can be adjusted through Inventory Counting.

Warning-sign.png In order for item counts across HandiFox sites to stay consistent with the QuickBooks total, DO NOT create inventory adjustments in QuickBooks itself.

Inventory Transfers

Transfer Editing Screen of the Web App
Transfer Editing Screen of the Mobile App

Inventory can be moved between sites through the use of Transfers.

In the Web App

In the web app, transfers can be created in Inventory & Purchases → Transfer Center. Click Create Transfer, select source and destination sites and specify items and quantities being transferred. When you are finished, click Save or Print.

In the Mobile App

On a mobile device, transfers can be created and received under Inventory → Transfer Center. Currently, only Quick Transfers are available, which let you send or receive inventory from another site without confirmation from staff at that site.

Tap Quick Transfer and select whether you wish to send or receive items from elsewhere, then tap Next and select which site to transfer inventory to or from. Select or scan the items being transferred and enter their quantities. You can save your progress and continue entering the transfer later by tapping Save. To finish entering the transfer and apply it, tap Apply & Save.