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Metrc is a regulatory system for cannabis products adopted in many US states.

From this article you can learn how to connect your HandiFox company with Metrc and how to work with cannabis products inside HandiFox.

Setting up the Integration

To initiate the integration, go to IntegrationsAll Add-ons and click Connect near the Metrc logo.

Initial steps

You will see the directions for generating an API key for your Metrc account. Make sure you have a generated API key and click Next.

On the next screen, choose your state in the State field and paste your key in the User API Key field:


Click Next.

On the next page you will need to define the initial settings for your connection with Metrc. There are quite a few settings here, so consult the descriptions below:

Mapping inventory sites and facilities

Facilities are the Metrc term for different physical locations where cannabis products can be stored or processed.

At this point in the integration process, you have to set correspondence between your HandiFox sites and Metrc facilities. Each facility can be mapped to one and only one HandiFox site.


If you don't have enough sites in HandiFox or would like to use an entirely separate set of sites for this, you can create more sites on the spot by clicking on the drop-down list in the HandiFox Inventory Site column and selecting Add New.

The Is Default column serves to indicate which facility is considered the default for licensing purposes in cases when one license covers multiple facilities. If this is not your case, just check every checkbox in this column.

Mapping items

This section of the settings affects the treatment of new products downloaded by HandiFox from Metrc. Here you can choose:

  • What prefix will be given to item names inside HandiFox in case of name collision.
  • The default asset, income and expense accounts for these new items.

First synchronization settings

By default, old transfers and receipts will not be added to HandiFox from Metrc. Here you can change that and specify the date range for which to download this data.

Mapping for transfers from Metrc

This section affects how transfers from Metrc will be treated, and how inventory transfers in HandiFox will be sent to Metrc:

Setting Description
Convert external outgoing transfers to... Which transaction type will be used to represent outgoing transfers created on the Metrc end.
Converts external incoming transfers to... The same, but for incoming transfers
Convert internal transfers to... Which transaction type to use for sending transfers created in HandiFox to Metrc

Finishing the integration

When you are done with the settings, click Save. HandiFox will start its first synchronization with Metrc and display its progress.


When it completes, you will be left at the Metrc Panel page, which displays the current synchronization status.

The Metrc Panel in the Web App

Here you can also find a log of all synchronization events which you can search for clues in case of problems.

You can click Settings to revisit the integration settings already described above and change them (except for the site-to-facility mapping which is irreversible).

To access the Metrc Panel again later, go to IntegrationsAll Add-ons and click Panel near the Metrc logo.

Metrc Products Inside HandiFox

In HandiFox, cannabis products can be treated like normal items for inventory tracking purposes, which means you can edit their properties, assign barcodes to them, track their quantities across sites (including by lot number) , do inventory counts and so on. However, these items cannot be included on sales or purchase transactions. There are also some other differences which we will cover below.

Item List

When viewing the properties of a cannabis product in the Item List, you will see a new section dedicated to Metrc-related information.


It is also impossible to adjust the quantity of cannabis products inside HandiFox.

Serial/Lot Number Tracking

See also: Serial, Lot Number and Expiration Date Tracking

Upon addition to HandiFox, all Metrc products are set to be tracked by lot number. Their Metrc package numbers are downloaded and stored in HandiFox as lot numbers.

You can search and view inventory information (quantities, transactions) by lot number using the Serial/Lot Numbers page or the Transactions by Serial/Lot Number report. However, unlike with normal items, you cannot directly edit the lot numbers or lot quantities for cannabis items.

Inventory Counting

See also: Inventory Counting.

When starting a new inventory count in HandiFox, you will need to choose whether you want to count regular products or cannabis products.


Regular products cannot be included on cannabis counting sessions and vice versa.

Cannabis counting in the Web App

Cannabis counts also have other differences from regular counts:

  • All packages are presented as a plain list, one package per line (rather than one product per line).
  • Whenever there is a difference between the old and new quantity, you must choose a reason for this adjustment in the Adjustment Reason column. You also need to put in an explanatory note, if the chosen reason requires it.
  • If the quantity of a package changes to 0, you can mark is as finished with the corresponding checkbox.